AquaTronics video 1

AquaTronics combines an aquaponics ecosystem (Dimensions variable) including various fish: Koi; Minnows; Goldfish; Crayfish and edible plants: Lettuce; Watercress; Water chestnuts, Brahmi with a technological ecosystem (an IoT device, sensors, computers, speakers, projectors) to produce fish, food and art in the form of a live and living performance or installation.

As the fish swim freely around the ecosystem they produce waste which is used as nutrients for the plants. The plants filter the water to keep the water clean for the fish. The sensors monitor the productivity of the system and produce multiple data streams: PH; Oxidation reduction potential (ORP): Dissolved Oxygen (DO); Conductivity (TDS) and Temperature. This data is used by humans to regulate the system’s health. The data is also used as the source for sonification and visualisation of the experimental audio visual performance or installation. A network of underwater cameras adds audio-visual content, by providing a fish eye views into the mix.

This research takes our future seriously by proposing new habits and practices that help us become more resilient to pandemics and climate change, by becoming more self-sufficient. It also reduces food miles which is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Watching beautiful Koi fish dance underwater is soothing to the soul, eating Watercress and Lettuce is beneficial to your health, whilst producing and experiencing art stimulates the mind, the body and the soul.

This project proposes that by working with nature rather than against it, we can create systems that can benefit humans as well as the planet.

Produced with support from an ANAT Ideate grant. to Sustainable Landscape designer and Aquaponics builder Michael Stone of Two Birds,
Matt Dearsley and Jonathan Miller of IntegraWater,


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